Saturday, July 3, 2010

Build Muscle Fast? - Learning The Truth

If you've been groping through the mass material online on how to build muscle mass, then I am certain you have experienced the frustration of the many different ideas, truths, strategies on how to build muscle mass. A lot of it is really great material, but a lot is also misleading. Many would love you to believe you need a plethora of vitamins, hours in the gym daily, etc. This is farthest from the truth.

I hope this blog serves the purpose to clear some of the misinformation up. It's great to get ripped fast, but you want to make sure you do it properly to ensure optimum health and a great physique! The best way is training through a methodical, tried and tested way and in a way that leads you to make the best and wisest nutrition choices in lieu of bottles of vitamins, pills, drugs, etc.

Keep reading and checking back often for more information and tips on how to build muscle mass the best possible way. A way that is not injurious to your health and body.

You probably wonder why I, a woman, would be interested in muscle mass. As a woman, and not getting any younger, I became very interested in this subject after a test indicated I had a pre-osteoporosis condition. I always exercised, but not consistently. I decided to add strength training/weight training to my exercise regime. It wasn't long before I started discovering, through research, that if I wanted to build muscle as well as strengthen my bones, it would take more than lifting weights. Come as a surprise? Well, yes. Weights are an important part, BUT, just as important is your nutrition - and not just WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat and HOW MUCH you eat. This has to be part of your workout. For men especially whose aim is to build big, strong muscles, this is a MUST to adhere to.

The problem is making the right choice - choosing the right plan with the right guidance you need on how to execute the weight workouts to the dietary plan. You need to choose a plan/workout that is believable and doable. This is done by following a leader in the field who has a proven record of not only accomplishing this for himself, but in guiding others to attain the same results. This is my guide and the guide I used to choose the best and number one muscle building method that you could find anywhere.

Please don't think because I am a woman that this is not an effective plan. FAR BE IT! I was attracted to the original plan which was produced for men who wanted to build BIG muscles in a methodical and fast way. However, the same author directed me to a specific plan specially suited for women. BOTH plans are highly effective. After you read about the author and view the contents of his plan, you will clearly understand why this plan is solid and genuine.

If you are serious about building muscle, click here to read about a no-nonsense way to build muscle fast!

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